On December 15, 2019, Princess Tonkin crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. From the first night she was gone, I felt immersed in a deep inner peace and immense, glowing silence. There was also a sense of profound shock, loss and grieving for my beautiful fur baby. A few days after she passed I received a message from Tonkin: “Mama, We Are Pretty.”  The next morning as I was getting dressed I heard the same message. I found it strange since those of us living with animals know they don’t notice if our hair or make-up looks perfect. A few days later I shared her message with a close friend, and my friend immediately said: “Tonkin is seeing the true self, the Soul. She is sharing her inner sight and beauty with you.”

Almost all animal lovers dream about meeting their cats, dogs, bunnies or horses somewhere across the Rainbow Bridge. My sense of certainty that Tonkin is now abiding in a shining, light filled heavenly realm comes from forty years of deep spiritual practices. The inner realms are as real to me as they are to millions of people around the world.

This website is devoted to animal lovers who want to hear stories about how living with fur babies changes our lives in positive ways, opening our hearts and minds to new dimensions. I will share some of my experiences with Tonkin and how I found comfort after her passing. I have lived with many other animals who have been a significant part of my transformational journey, each one coming to me at the perfect moment in time. I also invite those of you with uplifting stories to Register as a Contributor and post your feline photos & stories. We will review your posts first and if deemed appropriate publish them soon afterwards

Ellen M. Laura